Blood Orange Fizz

Its Blood Orange season right now and this year I am trying to incorporate them in a lot of my recipes.

Its February, which means citrus season in New York. Blood oranges are here and I absolutely love them. If you have never eaten them before the flavour is stronger and the aroma is more intense than a normal orange. It has a distinct, sweet flavour with a hint of raspberry. I try to hydrate a good amount daily. But let’s be honest if you are a young working professional like me, all those kombuchas and flavoured waters can add up. Don’t get me wrong i love the convenience of packaged fancy looking drinks, but i ain’t rich, so if something can be made at home, I am one of those people who will definitely try and make it.

You can keep this Blood Orange Fizz virgin or spike it with Vodka/Gin to enjoy a delicious cocktail. I often have syrups made and ready to go of fruits that are in season, because it gives me the liberty to make mocktails/cocktails in under 5 mins. Sometimes ill add few drops to my drinking water bottle, saves me tonnes of money and I don’t have to worry about sugar/ingredients in pre-packaged drinks.         

    Blood Orange Fizz


    • 4 Blood Oranges – juiced 
    • 3 Tbsp sugar 
    • 2 cans Seltzer water 
    • Few sprigs of Mint 


    1. Add blood orange juice and sugar in a small pot and boil on medium heat for 4-5 mins until all the sugar dissolves and it becomes a little thicker than when you started 
    2. Add ice and seltzer in a glass and pour the syrup over, give it a good stir
    3. Garnish with mint


    • Store it in the fridge in a tight lid jar to avoid spills.
    • Keeps good for upto 2 weeks 

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